Migraine and Headache Relief in Maryland

Providing Comfort and Wellness to our Patients

Are headaches and migraines affecting your daily life?  Are you eager for long-term headache relief and comfort from your painful days?  More than 37 million Americans suffer from migraines, and Lipinski Chiropractic is here to help provide relief.  We have a proven track record of treating migraines and headaches in our clients.  Learn about a personal struggle with headaches and a long-term search for relief from a client:

“I had been suffering form constant headaches. I always had a feeling of pressure in the back of my head. Sometimes this pressure would cause me to feel dizzy and/or sick to my stomach. I had these headaches for 2-3 months before seeking chiropractic care. I was also suffering from lower back pain. This had been on and off over the past 4 years or so. The headaches started interfering with my work especially when I felt dizzy. Two to three times over the last 4 years I would wake up in extreme pain and be unable to move.

I was using over-the-counter meds throughout the week for the headaches. On the occasions when I woke up in severe pain I went to the ER. They always did the same thing – prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers. When the headaches persisted, I contacted my primary care physician – she prescribed more pain killers – said ‘It’s probably just a pulled tendon in your neck.’

I started care with Dr. Lipinski and I no longer have constant headaches. Some lower back pain that I didn’t even realize I had was gone. My back doesn’t always have that tired feeling. I can also travel long distances in the car much more comfortably. I feel like the 25 year old that I am rather than having added years to my life because of constant pain. Your body puts up with a lot – most of which you don’t even realize until it’s gone.”

Lipinski Chiropractic has three phases of care:  Intensive, Reconstructive, and Wellness.  Based upon the diagnosis provided on your first visit, we will craft a treatment and wellness plan with a goal of relieving your headaches and migraines for good.

Contact Lipinski Chiropractic today and we will begin to restore your health and begin your path to wellness on the first visit!