4 Tips for Mattress Shopping for Better Sleep & Less Pain

Your bed’s mattress is something that seems fairly simple to select, but is really one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make.

Think about it: You spend an estimated one-quarter of your life on your mattress, and the sleep you get there helps set you up for success during the rest of your day. Why purchase something sub-standard that can cause you to lose a lot of sleep or wake up with back pain?

The Better Sleep Council recommends replacing your mattress every 7 to 10 years, depending on your own comfort and the mattress’s level of support.

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, use these 4 tips to help you find the right mattress so you can get better sleep and wake up in less pain each morning:

Determine Your Budget & Needs

Before you even begin looking at options, take some time to think about ;your budget and your individual mattress needs.

Mattress prices vary widely, but you don’t want to get something cut-rate just to save a few dollars. Instead, remember that your mattress is an investment in your health and well-being, and something you’ll have for several years if you make a good choice. Choose a number that you’re comfortable paying, but that gives you enough wiggle room to find quality.

If you have any specific needs for your mattress, make sure to write them down before you begin shopping.

This could be everything from the size and material to a mattress that allows you to adjust both sides to each sleeper’s comfort. Keep this list with you as you shop so you don’t forget something when you’re in the store.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you’ve got a condition that impacts your sleep or could influence your choice in a mattress, such as chronic back pain or sciatica, get your doctor’s opinion on what mattress may be best for you.

Doctors have expertise in treating your individual condition, and know what may make it better and what may make it worse. They may even have suggestions of specific brands or styles that would work best for your situation.

Start Online

You can get a lot of your basic mattress shopping done before you ever set foot in a mattress store thanks to the internet.

Think back to a time when you’ve had an amazing sleep on a great mattress, whether that was at a relative’s house, a hotel, or even in your own home on an older mattress. Start with that mattress and look into the available options in that material type and style.

Looking for options online is a great way to learn more about each individual mattress before you’re standing in front of a salesperson. Without the pressure of being face-to-face with someone, you can look at information on the construction, warranties, and look up customer reviews.

Have an idea of a half-dozen mattresses or mattress types you’d like to check out in person once you’ve finished your online research.

Test Drive Several Options

Once you head to the store, spend some time actually lying down on individual mattresses. 

Wear comfortable clothes so you can move around, and make sure your shoes can come off easily. 

Lie down on the mattress and test out a variety of different positions. Spend several minutes, if you’re able, testing the mattress in your preferred sleep position. It can take several minutes for you to settle in to sleep each night, and a mattress that’s comfortable at first may not be so comfortable after five minutes.

If you’ll be sharing your bed with a partner, make every effort to test out mattresses together. Having someone else on the other side of the mattress can make a big difference to the feel and comfort level, and can greatly impact your experience of the mattress.

Experienced Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

At Lipinski Chiropractic, we know that back pain can make it difficult to get through your day. Not being able to sleep well can cause you to miss work, decrease your productivity, and make you irritable. Our Frederick, Maryland, chiropractor creates an individualized chiropractic care plan to suit your needs, helping you get back to feeling great. Schedule your appointment today!