7 Ailments Chiropractic Care Can Improve for Babies

7 Ailments Chiropractic Care Can Improve for Babies

Chiropractic care can help boost a baby’s spinal growth and development by correcting nerve dysfunction and improving brain-to-body communication. According to Pathways for Family Wellness, “A baby’s spine lengthens by 50 percent in his first year. At no other time does this growth happen so rapidly, so you want to make sure your baby is in proper alignment, ensuring proper symmetrical growth.”

When babies see a chiropractor, they receive a gentle adjustment and realignment to help promote this growth. These adjustments can ease the symptoms of several childhood illnesses. Before you turn to prescription medications and antibiotics for your baby, consider chiropractic care to help alleviate some of these common pains:

Difficulty Nursing

When a baby nurses, his neck muscles and spine must be able to support the head for proper positioning. This can be difficult for many babies, but is especially so for infants with spinal dysfunction. If your baby is struggling to latch during breast feeding, this dysfunction may mean your baby is unable to position himself to properly latch or sustain latching. Chiropractic care can help your baby strengthen his spine to hold the kind of positioning needed for nursing.

Acid Reflux

If your baby experiences frequent spitting up or acid reflux, a baby chiropractor can help treat this by adjusting your baby’s vertebrae. This adjustment improves your baby’s ability to control his or her upper esophageal valves by restoring the nerve function.


Babies can be fussy and irritable for a number of reasons. For those infants who suffer from colic, they cry uncontrollably without much indication as to why. Babies who cry intensely experience clenched abdominal muscles and arched backs, which cause even more tension and pressure. Chiropractic care alleviates much of this tension and pressure build up and allows the baby to relax easier.

Breathing Problems

Many infants suffer from breathing problems. A spinal misalignment puts more strain on your baby’s muscles that help support the respiratory system, causing breathing issues. Chiropractic care corrects this misalignment, opening up your baby’s airways and allowing him to breathe more easily.

Sleep Disorders

If your baby is having difficulties falling asleep at night, you may want to seek a chiropractor. Any number of misalignments can cause pain and discomfort, making settling to sleep problematic. A professional can perform spinal manipulations to relieve pressure, helping your baby have a better night’s sleep.

Delayed Mobility

A healthy spine helps your baby move around better whether its pulling himself up, crawling around on the floor, or even taking his first couple steps. As your baby’s spine elongates and strengthens, it helps his balance when moving around. A chiropractor can realign your baby’s spine to promote developmental milestones, including your baby’s mobility.

Weak Immunity

The immune system’s function is coordinated by the brain and spinal cord. Proper alignment strengthens this coordination and boosts immunity, which helps babies fight off illness and common childhood diseases. Regular chiropractic care can keep babies healthier by strengthening their immune systems.

Is Chiropractic Care Right for Your Baby?

Is your little one suffering? If you have any questions about chiropractic care for babies, reach out to the experts at Lipinski Chiropractic.

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