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Can Chiropractic Care Help Me Lose Weight?

You feel as if you’ve tried everything, but those stubborn extra pounds won’t budge. You’ve changed your diet, you try to get your exercise in, and you drink water. In looking for some other options for weight loss, you’ve read that some people see their chiropractor as part of a weight loss program.

But can chiropractic care really help you lose weight?


The Good News

As part of an overall health and wellness program, yes, chiropractic care can play a part in your weight loss journey.

Because weight gain also brings with it a host of other problems, such as back and hip pain, poor posture, and difficulty sleeping, sometimes working toward correcting these ailments can help promote weight loss.

If you’re having severe back pain, for example, you’re less likely to feel like getting to the gym daily, or, if you do go, you may not push yourself as hard as you’d like to. Correcting your back pain can help put you in a position to be more active, which will improve your weight loss results.

In addition, chiropractic care can improve your nerve function and digestion. Getting your body into proper alignment helps it work better, meaning you can more efficiently digest your food. Better nerve function also means that the triggers in your brain for hunger and fullness are operating correctly, helping you recognize that you’re just bored and don’t actually need a snack, or that you’re full and that second helping would just make you feel stuffed.


The Bad News

Chiropractic alone isn’t going to help you lose weight. There’s no magic bullet that can get you to your goal weight, so adding chiropractic care isn’t a substitute for eating well and exercising. Seeing a chiropractor certainly can be a great addition to what you’re already doing, or can be a starting point if you’re wanting to begin an exercise regimen, but you’re still going to have to eat the vegetables, drink the water, and go for a run to see real results.


Professional Chiropractic Care in Frederick, MD

At Lipinski Chiropractic, we believe in promoting holistic health and wellness in the least invasive way possible. That’s why we offer safe, natural chiropractic adjustments to treat pain from injuries, illnesses, or just daily living and aging.

Dr. Sebastian Lipinski evaluates each individual’s pain, creating a unique treatment plan to help you reach your goals. If you’re ready to start feeling better and moving toward a healthier, happier life, schedule your first appointment today!

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