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Can Chiropractic Help With Migraines?

While even the dullest of headaches can be annoying, they’re nothing compared to the throbbing pain of a migraine. At best, these miserable aches can throw off your entire day, getting worse with every source of light, loud noise, and sudden motion. At worst, migraines can cause intense nausea, dizziness, distorted vision, and sudden fatigue.

Migraines can be caused by all manner of things, from sudden change in barometric pressure to consuming too much caffeine. Sometimes, you may feel a pounding pain shoot through the side of your head seemingly out of nowhere. You lie in bed with the lights off and blinds shut, pop some pain killers, and try to sleep them off, but could there be a simpler and less time-consuming alternative?


Chiropractic Care & the Brain

On the surface, it makes sense to see a chiropractor for, say, joint pain or posture realignment. Migraines, however, all take place in the brain, an organ that’s enclosed in your skull. How can adjusting your spine help adjust your brain?

If your migraines aren’t being triggered by outside forces, then the only other explanation is that they’re being triggered by internal forces. An enormous majority of headaches and migraines are actually caused by muscle tension in the back and neck. This is because people, on average, are doing a lot of sitting for long periods of time. Sitting for eight or ten hours a day in and of itself can cause some severe misalignment in your back, and the problems only worsen if you have an unhealthy posture.

By staying in this stagnant position for an entire workday, the risk of major joint irritation and muscle tension increases. Over time, the irritation and tension only gets worse and worse, resulting in more and more migraines. By realigning the spine and massaging its neighboring muscles, your chiropractor is not only easing all of the built-up tension, but increasing communication to your nervous system, which will also help decrease the amount of head pain you’ll experience!


Healthy Head Habits

A chiropractic expert will be able to help realign the problem spots that connect to your brain, but there’s still plenty you can do off the doctor’s table to keep migraines away.

First, adjust your sitting habits. So many people work office jobs, so working at a desk is unavoidable. That’s okay! There’s still plenty you can do to help keep your spine healthy while on the clock. For starters, take a short break every two hours or so to stretch your body. Take a small walk around the building, outside, or up a flight of stairs to get your joints moving again.

Second, start and end your day with some yoga. This doesn’t have to be anything too rigorous or time-consuming, but a few stretches that target the muscles and joints along your back, neck, and shoulders will really help prevent those areas from growing stiff throughout the day.

Third, stay hydrated. For many people, migraines aren’t a disease, but rather a symptom triggered by a series of problems. If you’re getting a migraine from tension in your back muscles, it will only feel all the more painful if you also haven’t been drinking the necessary water throughout your day.



Dr. Sebastian Lipinski and his team want you to be able to live your life without worrying when your next migraine will strike. We work with you to design an individual treatment plan to support your health and wellness goals, giving you the relief you deserve. Schedule your appointment today!

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