Fitting in a Workout in a Busy Schedule

8 Tips for Getting Your Workout in Even When You’re Busy

We all know life is busy with work, school, family, and other responsibilities and obligations.

We also know that exercise is important for health and overall wellness.

Many people associate working out with weight loss and, while it can help with that, working out also helps your mood, energy levels, brain function, muscles and bones, and reduces your risk for chronic diseases. This means working out can actually help keep your mood and energy levels up during your busy times!

Learn some tips to sneak in a workout when you’re busy.

Make It a Priority

Make exercising a regular or even daily priority.

See the value of working out and make time for it. Take some time to block off time dedicated to exercising and work it into the rest of your schedule.

Having an established plan can help you stay on top of things instead of trying to squeeze in a workout last-minute. Committing to making your health a priority will pay off if you stick with it!

Find a Form of Exercise You Like

Find what you like to do!

Some people hate running. If that’s the case, maybe you’ll like swimming or cycling better.

If you like what you’re doing you will be more likely to want to workout and enjoy doing it. There are even classes you can take if you want to workout with others or have a form of accountability. Find a class that’s only about an hour, go, work hard, and leave.

Take the Stairs

Don’t underestimate the stairs!

Ditch the elevator take the stairs instead. They’re faster and you’ll get some time to add to your daily workout.

Stairs are also said to burn more calories than jogging and they help with cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

Another plus is no more awkward elevator conversations!

Split It Up

Split up your exercise time.

Do some yoga or core strengthening exercises when you first wake up for 15 minutes and then hit the cardio after work.

Incorporate more walking into your daily life too. Park far away from the store or your office building and all that walking will slowly add up. When mixed with taking the stairs, you’re getting in a quick workout and you didn’t even know it.

Workout at Work

This might sound off, but it’s becoming a more regular practice.

Try sitting on an exercise ball to provide more movement and core strengthening. You could also bring some dumbbells to work. Work in a few sets of bicep curls and shoulder presses during your lunch break or when you need a break from working.

If you have a meeting, see if you can hold it while taking a walk and get some more steps into your day. Your colleague might thank you for the stroll too.


Turn the chore of cleaning into part of your workout.

Turn up the music and dance while you do the dishes or laundry. Briskly vacuum the house to get some extra movement in. This way you’re killing two birds with one stone and it doesn’t even feel like a workout!

Get off the Couch

If you have time to sit on the couch and watch TV, you can make time to workout.

Minimize the amount of time you sit on the couch and, if you must watch TV, sneak in a workout while you watch. Do some push-ups, sit ups, tricep dips, and jumping jacks or run up and down the stairs during commercial breaks.

Don’t let your busy self be a couch potato!

Get up Early

Getting up early is easier said than done.

However, waking up 30 minutes early to get a run in before getting ready for work not only gets your workout in for the day but it also sets you up for feeling good the rest of the day.

Try wearing your workout clothes to bed so you can wake up ready for your workout!

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