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How Chiropractic Care Fits in With Other Health Care

Your spinal health is just a piece in the puzzle that is your overall health. It’s important to consider how to balance your efforts with other health care professionals and your chiropractor.

If you suffer from an injury or illness, it’s important to integrate chiropractic care with your general practitioner and other specialists.

Communication between your care team is the first, and most important, aspect in integrating your health care. You want everyone involved to have a shared goal in mind, be it injury recovery or wellness maintenance.

Your primary care physician may decide to refer you to a chiropractor. If he does, ask him for specific recommendations to see if he has a relationship with any in your area. If there is an established connection, you can ask your doctor to pass along specific medical information and begin opening that line of communication.

If you are under care of an orthopedic doctor, she may refer you to a chiropractor in order to prevent future injuries or to help you manage pain during recovery.

Looking past just your bones and joints, you may be surprised to find out how closely nutritionists and chiropractors are aligned. Both practices are concentrated in making sure key functions of the body are working properly. Nutritionists concentrate on properly fueling the same muscles and tissues that the nervous system controls; some even say that healthy tissue will receive chiropractic adjustment better. Some chiropractors attest to the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet or nutritional supplements to help the healing process. Having your chiropractor and nutritionist communicate about what might work best for your body could bring big benefits in the long run.

Another unexpected partnership you may end up exploring is chiropractic care balanced with mental health care. Aligning your neck and spine has the potential to relieve your mind from stress as it relieves the body from tension. If other stress relief techniques aren’t effective for you, chiropractic relief may be an avenue to explore.

Chiropractic care can be integrated in with your personal health care network in many ways. Talking to all of your doctors and creating open communication lines allows you to find out if you can supplement one kind of treatment with another.

Individualized Chiropractic Care in Frederick, MD

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