How Can a Chiropractor Help With Leg Pain?

Is leg pain keeping you from functioning in your day-to-day life? Maybe you experienced an injury, or perhaps you have no idea why your legs are in pain. 

Whether your pain is sharp and shooting, a dull ache, or feels like pins and needles, chiropractic could help you experience relief without surgery or medication.

Treatment of leg pain varies from case to case, as the cause is different for each person, but a little manipulation by a skilled chiropractor could be just the thing to get you back to your regular routine.

Let’s take a look at some of the causes of leg pain, and how chiropractic can help:

Sciatica or Other Neurological Issues

Your sciatic nerve starts in your lower back and runs all the way down your legs, into your toes. You can experience pain in any or all parts of the sciatic nerve at any given time. Some people experience just a tingling in their toes, others experience sharp, shooting pain starting in the buttocks and going all the way down the length of the leg.

Sciatica is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. This can be caused by a number of things, and it is important to figure out the cause in order to form a plan of treatment. A chiropractor will conduct a physical and neurological exam, as well as go over your medical history. Imaging may also be ordered to ensure that chiropractic would not cause more harm.

Once the cause of sciatica is determined, treatment can begin. This could include cold therapy, the use of a TENS unit, or regular spinal adjustments to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.

If sciatica is caused by a condition or disorder outside the scope of chiropractic, you will be sent to a specialist. Your chiropractor may, however, recommend regular adjustments still to help aid in pain management.

Musculoskeletal Pain

Accidents happen. A car crash, a sports injury, a fall… all can result in severe leg pain.

When blunt force trauma happens, it can cause a shift in your spinal alignment, leading to pain in several parts of your body – even those that seem free from injury! If you have ever experienced whiplash, you are familiar with the achy feeling all over from impact.

In the case of musculoskeletal pain, chiropractic care is aimed at managing pain as well as returning your back, spine, and limbs to proper alignment. This could be done with some more intense thrusts, or small, gentle movements, depending on the issue.

Vascular Pain

Sometimes, leg pain occurs because of a circulation issue which can cause uncomfortable cramping. This is very common in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients, as well as those with blood clots or inflamed veins.

Reduced blood flow in any part of your body, can lead to a whole host of other health issues and should be addressed sooner rather than later. Spinal adjustments have long been proven to aid in the long-term health of your circulatory system as well as maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

By eliminating spinal subluxations, blood flow is restored to normal and you could experience relief from leg pain for good! If you suspect that your leg pain is a result of bad circulation, you should schedule an appointment with your chiropractor right away.

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