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When considering chiropractic treatment, we understand you are not just look for a chiropractor. You are looking for the best chiropractor in Frederick! We are proud of the reputation we have built in the Frederick, Maryland community and strive to uphold it with every visit. Read what our happy, health patients have to say about Lipinski Chiropractic, or review us yourself!

Read Reviews From Our Happy, Healthy Chiropractic Patients


“There is your health before chiropractic and there is your health AFTER chiropractic! Dr. Lipinski, Pam, and Sarah are a wonderful team to help you to go to your next level. If you do your part your health should take a dramatic leap to the better. Mine did!”


“I had been suffering form constant headaches. I always had a feeling of pressure in the back of my head. Sometimes this pressure would cause me to feel dizzy and/or sick to my stomach. I had these headaches for 2-3 months before seeking chiropractic care. I was also suffering from lower back pain. This had been on and off over the past 4 years or so. The headaches started interfering with my work especially when I felt dizzy. Two to three times over the last 4 years I would wake up in extreme pain and be unable to move.

I was using over-the-counter meds throughout the week for the headaches. On the occasions when I woke up in severe pain I went to the ER. They always did the same thing – prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers. When the headaches persisted, I contacted my primary care physician – she prescribed more pain killers – said ‘It’s probably just a pulled tendon in your neck.’

I started care with Dr. Lipinski and I no longer have constant headaches. Some lower back pain that I didn’t even realize I had was gone. My back doesn’t always have that tired feeling. I can also travel long distances in the car much more comfortably. I feel like the 25 year old that I am rather than having added years to my life because of constant pain. Your body puts up with a lot – most of which you don’t even realize until it’s gone.”


“I was having lower back pain and then I had 3 days of such pain that I couldn’t even get up out of bed without help. The reocurring pain made exercising near impossible. It became a vicious circle because by not exercising, I gained weight which also didn’t help my back problems. I went to my family doctor and he diagnosed my back problem as muscle spasms. He prescribed anti-inflammatory and strong pain pills. I wasn’t able to drive while taking these pills and all the pills did for me was “mask” the pain. It didn’t treat my symptoms.

Gratefully a neighbor suggested Dr. Lipinski and the improvement was almost immediate. Intially the visits helped to relieve the pain but then I started noticing an increase in mobility and flexibility once again. I have a renewed sense of “calmness” in my life that is priceless to me and my family!”


“My wife was having back problems and Dr. Lipinski was recommended. I didn’t believe I had any problems other than a persistant bout of sinusitus. I figured it was an allergy or infected sinus’s. At the time, I didn’t think chiropractic would be of any help. My nose was stuffed up alot, swelling under my eyes, and my ears seemed to be plugged up frequently. Mainly a feeling of being somewhat unwell. The medical doctor recommended sinus medicine which helped initially but the problem continued to persist. I also had high blood pressure and am on medication for that.

After three treatments from Dr. Lipinski my sinus problem disappeared and I haven’t had a problem since then, not even in the winter. As to my blood pressure, it is under control. Under chiropractic care, my over all health has gradually improved and my quality of life enhanced.”


“I have a desk job and in recent years my lower back began to bother me until the pain was so bad that I feared I would have to quit and find some other line of work. Doing household chores even became difficult. Eventually the pain spread to my mid-back and even sleeping became difficult. My neck would also become stiff and unable to move properly. In addition to interfering with my work and household activities, recreational things became painful. Running in particular was hard because my lower back would stiffen and ache. I love to hike and hiking was a challenging to my back too.

I occasionally used pain killers, but I don’t like using medications unless absolutely necessary, so I mostly just suffered. I assumed doctors wouldn’t be able to do anything or would suggest surgery or pain killers. I tried increasing my exercise regimen and that would help some, but only temporarily.

After starting care at Lipinski Chiropractic I immediately experienced relief in my neck and my range of motion improved dramatically. Over time, my mid and lower back areas became less and less painful and I could sit at my desk for longer periods of time without pain. Because I feel physically better, my mood improved and I became much happier with life in general.”


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