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Here at Lipinski Chiropractic, we provide holistic and non-invasive treatment of sciatica, chronic back, neck, leg pain, numbness and more. Doctor Lipinski has been treating patients for over 15 years and has helped numerous people find the relief they have searched long and hard for. Our experience and professionalism makes Lipinski Chiropractic the top choice for chiropractor services in Mt. Airy, MD. View our services here.

Back Pain Relief in Mt. Airy, MD

Lipinski Chiropractic sees patients with chronic back and spine pain on a daily basis. After your initial visit with Doctor Lipinski, you will receive a diagnosis and wellness treatment plan to ensure your back pain diminishes quickly. View what our patients have to say about us on Google.

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Migraine and Headache Relief in Mt. Airy, MD

Migraines and headaches are often a result of situational factors including dehydration, bright lights, loud music and more. However, more serious causes such as mechanical dysfunctions of the vertebra in the neck can be the source. This leads to tension in the muscles and irritated nerves that are not able to control proper blood flow to the head. Doctor Lipinski has the expertise to properly diagnosis and treat your migraines and headaches.

Relief of Leg Pain and Numbness in Mt. Airy, MD

Leg pain and numbness can complicate daily activities and significantly alter your quality of life. Whether your pain is a result of a car accident, sports injury, arthritis, or sciatica, Doctor Lipinski can provide you with pain relief using non-invasive wellness plans. Visit our office to discover ways to stop your leg pain and numbness for good.

Neck Pain Relief in Mt. Airy, MD

Lipinski Chiropractic offers relief for chronic neck pain caused by aging, accidents and misaligned vertebra in the neck. We are proud to provide non-invasive, holistic treatments where relief can often be felt immediately after adjustments. Visit our office today to start the first day of your new pain free life!

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