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Back Pain Relief in Maryland

Providing Holistic and Non-Invasive Back Pain Solutions

Are you dealing with daily back pain that is preventing you from enjoying your days and living your life to the fullest? Back pain is a common problem, and the number one reason that our clients schedule an initial consultation at our Frederick, Maryland office – they want back pain relief, and they want the pain gone for good. At Lipinski Chiropractic, we treat back pain on a daily basis and have the required skills that allow us both diagnose and treat you correctly.  Learn about a personal struggle with back pain and a long-term search for relief from a client:

“In Fall of 2013, I began experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back that was made worse when I went to sleep. Having experienced enough pain, I went in for a consultation in spring 2014,where Dr. Lipinski diagnosed me with some spinal degeneration. I had to admit, I was very skeptical at first at how chiropractic adjustments would help said pain.

I faithfully kept coming, even three days a week at first, which at first seemed inconvenient to my schedule, though it was the recommended treatment. Here I am nine months later, and I am virtually pain free. So much for the “inconvenience”!!! As a matter of fact, I began to see how truly convenient his hours were, able to work around mine. And, of course, nothing beats the convenience of being practically pain free.

Dr. Lipiniski shows his patients the utmost of respect. All members of the family are welcome here, and Sara and Pam are always cheerful and positive to interact with 🙂 A few times I have come in with other ailments, and he was willing to listen, and even “take away” sinus pressure by adjusting my face!! It really seems as though we are extended family.

So glad I made the leap to do this for my health.

Choose Chiropractic care for holistic, non-invasive, long-term treatment.  Based upon the diagnosis provided on your first visit, we will craft a treatment and wellness plan with a goal of relieving your back pain for good and providing you with a healthier outlook on life.

Contact Lipinski Chiropractic today and we will begin to restore your health and begin your path to wellness on the first visit!

Conditions That May Cause Back Pain That Chiropractic Care Can Help: