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Children’s Chiropractic Services

Pediatric Chiropractor in Frederick, Maryland

Lipinski Chiropractic takes pride in providing a nurturing and pleasant experience for your child that offers a conservative and drugless approach to health care.  A child’s spine experiences significant growth and change during their first year of life, and Lipinski Chiropractic believes that children should be examined during that important first year and beyond.  Through regular chiropractic care adjustments and counseling on proper diet, exercise, and posture, your child will not only learn excellent health habits but will also maintain a structurally safe and sound body.  Chiropractic care can provide your child and family with illness and disease prevention that they will carry throughout their lives.  Prevention is better than cure!

Have more questions about our safe and effective children’s chiropractic services?  Read why you should choose a chiropractor for pediatric care.

Our entire Chiropractic team in Frederick, MD has extensive experience working with children as young as birth to adulthood.  Here are a few questions that you may ask yourself when you are considering chiropractic care for your child:

  • Is my child an athlete?

Doctors of Chiropractic can do more than correct problems caused by athletics, they can also help improve performance on and off the field by helping the body function at its optimum level, naturally without stress and without drugs.

  • Has my child taken a fall?

When a child takes a tumble or fall, underlying injuries often go undetected–such as a misaligned vertebra during the spine’s most formative period.

  • Do I desire peace of mind?

Regular spinal exams by your Chiropractor, Dr. Lipinski can provide corrective and preventive care for your son or daughter.

  • Am I looking for a way to give my child a head start in good health?

Through regular adjustments, counseling on proper diet, exercise and posture, the Doctor of Chiropractic can help you raise a child whose body is structurally and functionally sound.

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