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5 Ways Walking Can Improve Your Health

Sitting and staring at a computer, television, or cell phone for hours each day can leave anyone feeling tense and cramped. After a year or so in the pandemic, doing exactly that, many people are looking for new and safe ways to get up and out of the house. 

One way to do this is to take a short walk daily. In addition to getting fresh air and sunlight, there are many health benefits associated with walking more. 

Here are 5 ways walking more can improve your health:

Improve Your Brain

Did you know that walking can improve cognitive function and memory? 

This is because walking enhances blood flow to the brain. In particular, it increases blood flow to  the hippocampus, the region of the brain associated with memory. This is especially true for seniors over the age of 60, who show vast improvement in their cognitive function when performing aerobic exercises, such as walking, on a regular basis.

Walking can also help those who are suffering from depression or other mental illnesses. 

Studies have shown that physical exercise triggers the brain to release endorphins which counter negative thoughts and feelings. Walking in the sunshine can also elevate a person’s vitamin D level, which is responsible for maintaining a positive mood.

Alleviate Joint Pain

Though it may seem counterproductive, walking more can actually alleviate joint pain. This is for the same reason as above — increased blood flow. 

When you walk, blood moves to the tense areas in your body and strengthens the muscles that support your joints. 

It also increases lubrication between joints, increasing their function over time. In fact, those who walk often are less likely to develop arthritis and other mobility limitations later in life. 

Digestive Help

Walking utilizes nearly every muscle in the body, including the core and abdominal muscles. 

Exercising this area in a low-stress way (compared to high-intensity core exercises such as sit up or planks) can help with digestion. This means walking often can help you have more regular bowel movements.

Healthier Heart

Going for a daily walk can improve your heart in a number of ways. 

First, by burning calories, you are reducing body fat which may cause strain on your heart. 

Secondly, walking also helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Keeping your body moving, especially as you age, is very important for the strength and overall health of your heart. 

Improve Sleep & Energy Levels

If you are quick to reach for a coffee or soda when you’re feeling that midday slump, try a walk instead. 

Walking releases hormones in the brain associated with boosted energy. It will also help you feel more motivated to accomplish something else.

Because you’re moving more during the day, you will have an easier time sleeping at night. 

Studies have shown that moving outside during the day prepares the body for sleep mode at night. You will have a deeper and more restful sleep, preparing you for another productive walk when you wake up!

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