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Your spine’s health is an indicator of your overall health and wellness. If your spine is out of alignment, you may experience a whole host of problems: headaches, back pain, indigestion, sciatica, shoulder pain, and more.

Dr. Sebastian Lipinski believes chiropractic care is key to promoting lifelong wellness, with the prevention of pain and illness being just as important as improving existing symptoms.

Lipinski Chiropractic offers safe, natural relief from various problems, including:

We provide individualized chiropractic treatment in our Frederick, Maryland, offices, working closely with you and other care providers to create a unique treatment plan to meet your health and wellness goals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

I am writing to tell you why I believe in Lipinski Chiropractic. I had a very sore right shoulder that had been jammed and than hyper extended upward. It had been a problem for years and I could not raise my arm even as high as my shoulder. I met Dr. Lipinski and Pam at the Frederick Fair. We, my husband and I, signed up to have an evaluation and adjustment. One of the best things I ever did was make that appointment. We had xrays and learned a little about chiropractic care and than got an adjustment. I was amazed, after just one adjustment, I started using my shoulder like normal and my full range of motion returned. My shoulder has not given me any trouble since. I have done research and am happy to say that I believe in the philosophy and life style behind chiropractic care. I believe that Dr. Lipinski has a program that will benefit almost everyone and help their bodies heal themselves. I am currently being adjusted weekly and continue to feel the benefits of being more flexible and healthier. Life is too short and too much fun to spend stiff and sore, particularly when you have a choice. I have no hesitation in suggesting to family and friends that they should get an evaluation and see how Dr. Lipinski can help them to a better and more healthful life.
Opal C.
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