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Services Provided by Lipinski Chiropractic

Offering Comprehensive Wellness Care in Frederick, Maryland

Lipinski Chiropractic is proud to offer a variety of services to our clients in the Frederick, Maryland area.  We believe in providing all natural chiropractic care to our clients and our holistic approach has proven to provide long-term relief for many symptoms.  Lipinski Chiropractic is dedicated to providing quality chiropractic services to the entire family, and the numerous reviews from our happy and healthy patients prove that Lipinski Chiropractic is the best Chiropractor in Frederick!

Chiropractic care has been used for over a century to treat a multitude of ailments that range from injuries to chronic pain using non-invasive and nearly pain-free techniques.  Our chiropractor cares for a variety of patients including expectant mothers, children, athletes, automobile accident victims, and anyone suffering from discomfort and pain of many types.  Some of our most popular chiropractic services are listed below:

Lipinski Chiropractic works with our patients to make sure that all of their questions are answered completely, that they understand their treatment plan, and most of all – that they stay out of pain and live a life as healthy as possible.  Have more questions about our chiropractic care in Frederick, Maryland or need to make an appointment?  Dr. Lipinksi would love to talk with you today to develop a health plan tailored to your needs!  Fill out the quick contact form below, and one of our associates will be in contact with you shortly.

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