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You have decided chiropractic care in Frederick MD may be right for you, and have called to schedule your first appointment. Whether you're completely new to chiropractic care or just new to Lipinski Chiropractic, here's what you can expect from your first appointment:


Make sure you bring your insurance card, a photo ID, and a list of any medications you currently take. If Dr. Lipinski has requested any medical records from other providers, bring those with you or make sure they have been sent to our office.


Our receptionist will have you fill out our standard intake forms, where you will give Dr. Lipinski an idea of your medical history, your reason for seeking chiropractic care, and your goals for treatment. These help him develop an effective, safe treatment plan for you.


Your initial consultation is a time for you and Dr. Lipinski to discuss your unique health concerns and potential treatment options. This is an opportunity for Dr. Lipinski to learn more about you, your health problems, and how chiropractic care can help.


Following your consultation, Dr. Lipinski will perform a full physical examination, testing your reflexes and flexibility. Depending on your individual condition or concerns, he may also perform a variety of neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests. Prior to performing any test, Dr. Lipinski will gain your express permission.


Dr. Lipinski may, depending on your specific condition, take X-rays. These images help determine if there are any underlying skeletal conditions and help Dr. Lipinski determine the best course of treatment for you. Often, patients are surprised by how out of alignment portions of their skeletal system may be!


Dr. Lipinski will work with you to create a treatment plan modeled around your individual pain level, any condition that may need treatment, and your individual health and pain relief goals. In making these recommendations, he will give you a full report of his physical exam, your medical history, and any X-rays that were taken.

Your treatment plan may also be accompanied by at-home recommendations, such as exercises, heat or ice treatment, or pain relief therapy. Dr. Sebstian Lipinski may feel it necessary to coordinate your care with another provider, such as a physical therapist or pain management specialist. He will discuss your options with you and help connect you to any necessary resources for additional care in Frederick MD.

Are you ready to begin your journey to health? Contact Lipinski Chiropractic today to schedule your first appointment!

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