4 Tips For Avoiding Workplace Injuries In Frederick MD

4 Tips for Avoiding Workplace Injuries In Frederick MD

Chiropractic Frederick MD Workplace Injuries

All jobs, no matter how uneventful they might seem, should be performed with safety first in mind. But by the number of workplace injuries reported every year, this advice from Frederick MD chiropractor is obviously not always taken.

Avoiding workplace injuries is a joint effort from both the employee and the employer. Together, they can reduce the amount of pain and discomfort caused by the job, as well as avoid any lengthy legal battles.


Keep the Workspace Clean
Some of the most preventable types of workplace injury are slips, trips, and falls. They may not seem all that serious given how commonplace they are, but a bad tumble could leave you recovering for weeks.

The best way to avoid this hazard is by keeping the workspace clean. Pay particular attention to clutter building up in the walkways and common areas. Typically wet areas, such as in front of a sink, should have non-slip mats on the floor. This will help avoid any potential tripping hazards, and also increase productivity.

Avoid Overexertion
As an employee, you know performing a good job requires giving all your effort. But giving it too much effort - more than you can healthily maintain - is a recipe for disaster.

Overexertion is another common workplace injury that occurs when workers are pushed past their limits. It is especially common for jobs that require repetitive motions, such as those in a factory.

If you feel you are overexerted at work, consider speaking to your boss about more effective breaks, or potentially hiring more people to help with the load.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques
Another common type of injury is caused by improper lifting techniques. This can be devastating for the back, legs, and shoulders.

Any job which requires employees to lift boxes, merchandise, or machinery should have an informational training session dedicated to safe lifting techniques. Informational flyers in common areas are also a good idea.

If this is not available at your place of work, remember: Keep your back straight as you pick up the object, and use primarily your leg muscles to propel you to standing. Do not carry more weight than feels comfortable.

Take Breaks to Stretch
Have you ever had a day where you felt fine at work, but as soon as you got home, your muscles and bones started aching? This is likely caused by being tensed up all throughout your workday. When you get home and finally relax, you can start to feel the damaging effects of all that tension.

Avoid this pain by stretching periodically throughout your day. This is especially important for jobs that require sitting for long periods of time, such as drivers and office workers.


Does performing your job cause you pain in your back, neck, or legs? Do you feel unable to enjoy your life outside of work because of tension or mobility issues?

Don't suffer any longer - Lipinski Chiropractic can help! We have years of experience treating workplace injuries and job-related pain. We can get you back on your feet and perform at your best without the hassle of surgery or medications.

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