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Herniated disc treatment is a critical aspect of managing chronic back pain, which is often caused by what is commonly referred to as slipped, ruptured, or bulging discs. Despite the prevalence of herniated discs, there remains a significant amount of inquiry surrounding this condition. Continue reading to gain insights into the nature of herniated discs, the reasons they occur, and the effective herniated disc pain relief that chiropractic care in Frederick MD offers.


Comprising the spine are 26 vertebrae, with each pair cushioned by a disc. This disc consists of a resilient outer layer encasing a softer, gel-like center.
When the center pushes through the outer ring, a herniated disc manifests. Contrary to popular belief, the disc doesn’t slip out of place.

For some, a herniated disc may present minimal discomfort, and the body is often capable of self-repair over weeks or months. However, for those less fortunate, the slipped disc can trigger severe inflammation and pain.

When this protrusion impinges upon a nerve, the individual could suffer from intense pain that hampers their daily activities, along with reduced mobility and pain that may radiate down limbs. Additional symptoms often include muscle weakness, numbness, and a tingling sensation akin to pins and needles.


Disc desiccation is a natural aging process where discs dehydrate and diminish in size, leading to vulnerability and potential injury.
Individuals aged between 35 and 55 are particularly susceptible to slipped disc treatment needs, and incorrect lifting techniques, such as using the back instead of the legs, heighten the risk. Additionally, twisting motions during lifting should be avoided.

Other risk elements encompass:

  • Extended periods of sitting
  • Smoking habits
  • Excess body weight
  • Frequent driving
  • Jobs that demand physical exertion


Surgical intervention for a herniated disc is rare since the body has a natural ability to recover from such injuries. Thus, slipped disc pain relief treatments often target symptom management. Over-the-counter medications may offer temporary pain relief, although flare-ups are common.

Prescription medications for pain management are an option for those with herniated discs, but for individuals seeking a non-surgical, non-pharmacological, and sustainable approach to alleviating back pain from herniated discs, chiropractic care is highly advisable.

Chiropractic practitioners excel in spinal adjustments to alleviate pressure and diminish inflammation in the afflicted zone. They offer personalized herniated disc treatment plans tailored to the specific injury, along with lifestyle modifications to support recovery.


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