How Being Dehydrated Can Damage Your Health In Frederick MD

How Being Dehydrated Can Damage Your Health In Frederick MD

Chiropractic Frederick MD Dehydration

Being hydrated is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Water is used in the body to absorb nutrients, remove toxins, and perform just about every other internal function you can imagine. You may have heard from Frederick MD chiropractors that you need to drink about 8 cups of water a day, but still, most people do not achieve this. They may be too busy to pay attention to their water intake, or they think dehydration is not a big deal.

In reality, a recurring or prolonged state of dehydration can have a wide variety of health issues, in both the long term and the short term. Here are just a few ways being dehydrated can damage your health.


One of the first symptoms you may notice of mild dehydration is feeling low on energy. This is because, without enough water, your heart has to work harder to deliver oxygen to all parts of your body. This can lead to a lethargic and tired feeling.

You may also notice this lagging feeling in your mind as well. Dehydration can also cause dizziness, trouble concentrating, and other decreased cognitive functions.


As the dehydration progresses, you might notice issues with your digestive health. This could include constipation, tummy aches, and heartburn.

Water is essential to the flushing of waste products out of the body's system. If you notice you're passing hard, pellet-shaped stools, this is likely a sign you are dehydrated.


There is a squishy material known as cartilage between your joints, which prevents the bones from painfully rubbing up against each other. What gives cartilage this squishy, cushiony texture to work properly is (you guessed it!) water.

Without enough water in the system, the cartilage may lose its elasticity, causing friction between your joints. It also leaves you at an increased risk for arthritis.


In some cases, you may notice dehydration affecting the appearance of your skin. This could include flakey, dry spots or chapped lips.

Sunken skin beneath your eyes or cheekbones is another symptom of dehydration. Consistently being dehydrated can also increase acne.


These are side effects you might notice throughout your day while being dehydrated. They are not too scary as long as you can get a cup of water soon.

But in severe dehydration cases, you may notice more severe side effects such as seizures, unconsciousness, heat exhaustion, and urinary or kidney complications. If you are working out or live in a hot environment, you are at higher risk for severe dehydration.

Don't wait until your symptoms get this severe, or else you may experience lifelong issues.

Buy yourself a big reusable water bottle and challenge yourself to drink it all throughout your work day. This will help you stay hydrated and keep your body in better health!


Being dehydrated is so dangerous because every system within the body is intertwined, and without enough water, they are all affected. No part of the body's health can be separated from the whole.

This is why a holistic approach to wellness is so important. Here at Lipinski Chiropractic, we believe in healing the whole person, not just treating the symptoms. Allow us to help you lead a more healthy, enjoyable, and pain-free lifestyle. Call now to schedule an appointment!

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